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Cola Myths

 2 people know the Coca-Cola formula.

Only two people in the Coca-Cola company know the Coca-Cola formula, and each of them only knows half of it. This is actually false.

 Coca became carbonated by accident.

Coca in fact did not become carbonated by accident.

 Coca-Cola considered anti-semitic.

True! Coca-Cola was once considered anti-Semitic for refusing to do business in Israel.

 Coca-Cola contains cocaine.

Well, Coca-Cola used to contain cocaine. Too bad it doesn't anymore.

 Coca-Cola is giving away free cases of Cola.

We are sorry, Coca-Cola isn't giving away free cases of cola to people who forward an e-mail message to them.

 Coca-Cola to donate profit from 4 days to Israel.

False! Coca-Cola has never announced that it will be donating four days' worth of income to Israel.

 Coca-Cola was originally green.

Coca-Cola was originally green. This is not true, cola has always been the dark color that we see today.

 Coke was originally sold as a hangover cure.

True! Coke was originally sold as cure for your average hangover.

 Coke was sold to servicemen during WW2.

Coke was actually sold to servicemen during the first and second world war at cost price.

 Cola affects bone health.

Unfortunately this is true. The caffeine and phosphoric acid in cola affects bone health.

 Cola and Asprin will get you high.

Combining Coca and aspirin will not get you high - sorry!

 Cola can bake a moist ham.

Apparently this is true! Empty a can of cola into the baking pan, wrap the ham in aluminum foil, and bake. Thirty minutes before the ham is finished, remove the foil, allowing the drippings to mix with the Coke for a sumptuous brown gravy.

 Cola can remove grease from clothes.

Apparently this works! Empty a can of cola into a load of greasy clothes, add detergent, & run through a regular cycle. The cola will help loosen grease stains.

 Cola causes hyperactivity.

Don't give your children too much cola. The sugar in cola does cause children to be hyperactive.

 Cola contributes to diabetes.

We're sorry to say that cola does actually contribute to diabetes. Go easy now!

 Cola will dissolve a tooth overnight.

False! In actuality, the fastest way to rot teeth is in a glass of orange juice, and even this would take a considerable period of time.

 The Coca-Cola label contains an image of a snorter.

The cursive script of the Coca-Cola label in fact does not includes an image of a person snorting cocaine.

 The modern image of Santa Claus was created by Coca-Cola.

This is not true.

 The Mormons own the Coca-Cola.

This is 100% false.

 Using cola as a household cleaner.

This works! The acids in cola make it a handy household cleaning product.

 Using cola as a toilet cleaner.

Apparently if you pour a whole can of Cola into the toilet and let it sit for an hour, when you flush, any stains will disappear. This doesn't work - sorry!

 Using cola to dissolve corrosion.

This actually works! Pour a can of cola onto corrosion and it will dissolve it.